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If football is your passion, the football coaches at P23 Academy in West Bromwich will help you improve your game. We teach, practice, and play so you can increase your fitness level and have fun! If you’re looking for football training for your kids, contact us through our booking form to discuss the right programme for you.

Getting You To The Top Of Your Game

Our coach decided to build our academy to impart their hard-earned knowledge to the next generation of players. He has a comprehensive understanding of the demands of the game, and will work with players to boost not only their technical ball skills, but also their confidence on the pitch. All of our coaches use a building-blocks-style technique, meaning that they focus on establishing a strong skills foundation which is built upon each session.

We Love Football

At P23 Academy, we are here to help you improve your natural football ability. We offer a range of activities to build skills, conditioning and teamwork, including our sessions, and one-on-one personal training. Our programmes help students improve their game and overall athleticism. The group activities are some of the most rewarding, enabling students to build friendships while developing new skills.


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All services
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What We Offer

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